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Announced not that long ago the Dead Space Remake is coming from EA's Motive Studios (the studio behind the great Star Wars Squadrons), and is a Resident Evil 2-style remake taking full advantage of the Frostbite engine. Although no release date has been set, the project seems to be early in development, overnight we got a behind the scenes look at how it's shaping up.

The stream showcases a pre-production version of the game with advanced lighting and more detail found just about everywhere. From protagonist Isaac Clarke to the Necromorph enemies that now dismember with the sort of gruesome detail that is all 2021. On that note on of the goals with the remake is to make the damage you're doing to enemies be visible, in that you'll see flesh rip off and get a sense of how far away you might be from the ol' bone sever. As outright violent as that sounds one of the core aspects of the original, combat-wise, was the "remove the limbs" approach to tackling Necromorphs. So having that expanded upon in the remake, even visually, is a definite step in the right sci-fi horror direction.

Check it out.

As a built from the ground up remake the story of the original Dead Space is set to be expanded, and with that the team at Motive is bringing back voice actor Gunner Wright, who voiced Isaac Clarke in Dead Space 2 and 3 for expanded dialogue sequences. Motive is clear that the footage we're seeing above is not gameplay in the sense that there's still a long way to go, but indicative of the process it's taking -- which is to remake and enhance the original.

Dead Space Remake is currently in development for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, and PC.

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