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If you're jockeying for a familiar ride, Far Cry 6 might just take you down a path of familiarity. It definitely plays like a traditional Far Cry outing -- large open-world, super-villain-esque err... villain. Big guns. Big explosions. Co-op. Lots of vehicles -- the works. But beneath that familiar sheen lies a number of small things designed to freshen up the experience, and to potentially change it in fundamental ways.

How do we know this? Well, not only have we played the game, we also had a chance to chat with the game's lead gameplay designer, David Grivel about what we played.

Here's a snippet:
“So I like that we have these ingredients, because now chaos is either something that you want to embrace -- and we have many systems for you to do so -- or you can decide to holster your weapon and not be the centre of attention,” David says. “And that's the first time [we’ve done] this in this brand. And I'm saying, just to finish, that this ties to the guerilla [side of the game], because in my mind, guerilla warfare is usually about ambushing. And if you holster your weapon, now you have... as the player you have the autonomy, you have the agency to trigger combat when you feel like it."
Click here for our hands-on preview and developer interview feature.

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