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As highlighted in the review proper, now is probably as good a time as any to be sinking your teeth into something with genuine meat on the bone. Dragon bone, that is. At least that's the bestial we're going with in this silly metaphor, as we move to highlight that we've gone and done the review hard yards on the halfway return of King's Bounty in King's Bounty 2.

From the capable keyboard of David Wildgoose, here's a snippet from his review:
While typically no longer than a handful of rounds, battles always require smart tactical decisions. Positioning your units, knowing when to advance or defend, or when to outflank, are all crucial choices. And picking the right moment to use one of your unit's unique active abilities can prove vital in changing the course of battle. Certainly, some of the smaller encounters I ran into during a sidequest were a touch on the easy side, but every major battle I fought along one of the main questlines proved a stern challenge--plenty of which required multiple attempts to refine a winning strategy. Combat in King's Bounty 2 is always a pleasure to encounter and never less than satisfying to conquer.

In between battles, exploration and conversation occupy your time, alongside a little bit of shopping. After a slow slog through a snowbound tutorial area, the world opens up into a vast valley crammed with camps, villages, taverns, caves, temples, swamps, rivers, farms, forests and castles. People are everywhere, many of whom are up for a brief chat and even a quest for you to undertake. The main storyline offers intrigue and a dash of occult mystery, but for me the real stars of the show were the many charming and oddball characters I encountered throughout the many, many sidequests...
Click here for the full King's Bounty 2 review.

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