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The inevitability of more and more talented Australian-based studios cracking the so-called "big time" was always just that: inevitable. What's pleasing as we see year on year those ceilings breached is that it's not coming at the expense of censorship or in tailoring sensibilities to a certain market or market leader. Today, Monster Massive unveiled Cult of the Lamb with Devolver Digital and honestly, this is as poster child for all of the above as you pretty much get.

And while the reveal trailer for the game is only about two minutes long, we managed to chat with two of the key lambs at MM. Here's a snippet:
It’s a bit difficult to get a grasp on the game from the two-minute trailer, or the screenshots we coerced Devolver Digital into giving us. Especially because so many concepts fill that short space of time, but it’s here where the two key sides of Cult of the Lamb feel familiar and new. There’s the dungeon crawler where you set out in search of resources and stuff. There's the city builder in the form of a strategic toolset to build a home for your followers. Assign them tasks, fulfil their needs, carry out strange sacrifices, create a fighting pit for them to, well, fight to the death.

As for everything else? Is it a bullet-hell focused roguelite? Or is it a heavy narrative-based roguelike in the vein of Hades? And the settlement side of the game -- is this entirely dynamic and player-driven? How deep does it go? Is it procedural? Is it a classic dungeon crawler?

Or is it all of those things, and a little bit more?

“The game is much less narrative driven than Hades, in that we have a different approach to things,” explains Armstrong. “We do have encounters with more story elements that happen on each run but the combat setup is more like Binding of Isaac where each room has randomised enemy encounters, randomised drops, and things like that. It’s still something we’re working on, the goal is to have four different areas each with different enemies, traps, and mechanics.”
Click here for our full interview for Cult of the Lamb.

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