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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:39pm 23/08/21 | 1 Comments
Cyberpunk 2077 at one stage was set to get a multiplayer mode ala GTA Online dubbed Cyberpunk Online, but then that was scrapped and ultimately became its own standalone experience. Since then any references to the multiplayer within the code referred to it as 'MultiplayerOld', but the recent massive Patch 1.3 update points to its potential return sometime in the future.

With the most recent Patch introducing the first bits of cosmetic DLC in addition to paving the way for the next-gen console update coming soon, we could be on the cusp of finding out a lot more about the game's planned updates. Of which CD Projekt Red states are still coming in the form of expansions and more free DLC.

As per this video from Tyler McVicker, going through the Patch 1.3 data, we see the return of references to Cyberpunk 2077 Multiplayer.

And it all stems from what looks to be a complete rewrite of the underlying Red Engine, bringing it to a state where adding meaningful updates and content can happen. And with that reshuffle of files and structure within the code, there are now placeholders for Expansions and a new Multiplayer update.

"We have CyberpunkMulti which is effectively Cyberpunk Online Version 2. According to the strings that were able to be extracted just by opening the Cyberpunk 1.3 executable in a hex editor, it's on the same level as the expansion packs. It contains its own Journal content, meaning quest content," epxlains Tyler. "Expansion pack one and two are technically their own Game States and this CyberpunkMulti is its own Game State as well. CD PROJEKT has gone on the record to state they are going to deliver the game that they initially promised and they are going to do it for not financial reasons in the short-term, but in order to regain the reputation that they had ruined through the botched launch of 2077. Two expansion packs, some kind of multiplayer framework, and a couple dozen free pieces of DLC, as well as entire system gameplay reworks through future updates, and maybe some of it being held back for the next-gen update."

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Posted 07:04am 24/8/21
CDPR never said multiplayer had been cancelled.

They said that their plans for a separate, multiplayer Cyberpunk game had been cancelled.

At the same time saying that they were instead looking to implement multiplayer as an additional feature in CP2077 and potentially their other games.

So this isn't news.

It's olds.
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