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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:16pm 17/08/21 | 0 Comments
The cats at Ubisoft working the Rainbow Six Siege angle ought to be taken out for lunch, at the very least. It's one thing to release an explosive title outright, and quite another to then maintain interest in that product should it be persistent and community-driven. But so far, creativity remains at an all-time high, and with Year 6 Season 3 and Crystal Guard just around the corner, we sent in Joaby to be eyes, ears and hands.

Here's a snippet from his takeaway with the latest in RB6 goodness:
Osa, the new operator coming in Crystal Guard, is a shield operator with a twist. Her bulletproof shield is see-through, for one, which increases peripheral vision beyond what other shield operators are burdened with. Think of it like a halfway point between Blackbeard's mounted rifle shield and the metal armour of a primary-weaponless Fuze.

And the second part to the Osa puzzle is that she can deploy her shield, much like a defender's deployable shield. That means placing it on the ground in front of her or attaching it to doors — and in Osa's case, she can even stick it to windows. In videos, they showed her rappelling to deploy them on windows while upside down, but every time I attempted to do this myself the sweaty spaghettis I was previewing the update with would run out and shoot me. Still, it's theoretically possible.
Click here for his full Crystal Guard hands-on.

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