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3D Realms held its annual Realms Deep 2021 live-stream over the weekend and with it we got a look at a suite of new shooters and action games currently in development. And that's shooter of the retro variety (think Dusk or Ion Fury), where low polygon environments meet sprites and pixels and heavily stylised visuals. And with that, there's quite a number of cool looking shit coming out.


Mysterious cults, gothic nastiness, a grim and stylised presentation - CULTIC has all of that and more. The monochromatic colour scheme here definitely gives the action a very different feel, though if we were to pin the retro-inspiration on any one property it would have to be Blood. Currently in development, no release date has been set. But there is a demo you can play.

Fortune’s Run

A very cool trailer, one that begins with a long tracking shot through some sort of installation overrun by soldiers or security of some kind. And then from there kicks off some of the fastest FPS action we’ve seen in some time. From the chunky sprites to moody lighting to great animation Fortune’s Run is looking very cool. A free demo is expected later this year.


With a title like HYPERVIOLENT and the knowledge that this is a retro-style shooter inspired by the classics there’s not all that much left to the imagination before jumping in to see this in action. That said there’s a lo-fi look here that’s very minimal, from the sprite-based weapons to the simple corridors - giving it a feel that could exist in any single year within the FPS glory days that were the 1990s. From developer Terminist Arcade, a release window of 2022 has been set.

Core Decay

This looks very cool, like Deus Ex meets System Shock but the setting is somewhere deep in the arctic. Not that the other games in this list are what you’d call mindless, but Core Decay definitely sounds like a narrative and mood driven forest-person game. As per the description, “Explore vast facilities across a dying Earth and uncover a sinister plot to preserve humanity no matter the cost - even if it means redefining what makes us alive - in an atmospheric immersive sim that explores the nature of consciousness and individuality.”

Forgive Me Father

Comic book fans, and fans of the cult classic XIII, will definitely want to keep an eye on Forgive Me Father - a “a dark retro horror FPS” set in a “world inspired by the novels of H.P. Lovecraft”. The visuals definitely nail that tone, with the game set to hit Steam Early Access later this year.


New Blood Interactive’s ULTRAKILL is currently available to play in Early Access, and it’s one of the most stylish and fun retro-style shooters currently available. Blending a bit of Quake with a Dash of third-person action games where combo metres matter, this new look at an underwater section sells the stylish and very cool vibe of ULTRAKILL.


Also available in Early Access, Prodeus is retro but also very modern, and now it’s getting co-op -- which looks like a lot of fun.

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