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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 06:56pm 03/08/21 | 0 Comments
Magic the Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons, together. At last?

It had to be asked that way, because it might not ever have been something you thought should take place -- a crossover between bother IPs in playable form. Yet here we are with a full cross-brand card set that lets you essentially play MTG, like you would Dungeons & Dragons. And we've had a roll of it.

That is to say, we had a quick three-hour jaunt through a mine (read: dungeon), as a group of people not overly familiar with one another to see how a handful of non-experts would handle the crossover. Here's a snippet:
The dungeons and scenarios are actually based on D&D Adventures that exist, and so this cross-brand event comes with mechanics and items that are proven, but existing here in this space are introduced to newcomers, or those who’ve dreamt of both IPs crossing over. It also didn’t feel like a watered down version of D&D, and while I might not be qualified enough to make that statement, remember I have edited a 250+ page D&D supplemental, so I have at least some cred there. But really, what I mean by that is our DM still presented the adventure in a way a good DM does, with spaketh aplomb and fun delivery, especially to a group of nubs. This is facilitated with “flavourful keywording” which exists throughout thanks to cards such as “You Come to the Gnoll Camp”, a party Instant that...
Click here for our full Adventures in the Forgotten Realms dice roll (or card flip).

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