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Microsoft Flight Simulator still stands as one of the most impressive technical and artistic achievements we’ve seen to date. And that’s no matter if you’re playing on PC, Xbox Series X, or Xbox Series S. And with its console debut here, it's more accessible than ever.

A snippet.
Bringing it back to that idea of picking a spot on the globe and flying, which was my own personal preference with how to engage with the often overwhelming nature of the flight sim, has become a mode in and of itself. The introduction of Discovery Flights offers that incentive to fly and learn through a curated list of flights that put you into the air in seconds. From Mt. Everest to the Great Pyramids and other locations, you can simply sit back and the Flight Assistant (the AI co-pilot and more) do all of the hard work or take control of the steering yourself.

It’s a wonderful touch that builds on the very idea of welcoming new pilots into the fold. And yeah, it’s hard to top taking control of a plane whilst flying over the Himalayas as a gateway to something new. Steering in Discovery Flights gives a good feel for movement, which is a good thing because the Xbox release, as was the case with PC, will see an influx of newcomers drawn by the visuals and sense of scale alone.

Our Full Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox Series X|S Review

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