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As per out interview with EA, HyperMotion is built off of machine learning to create real-time animation - a FIFA 22 next-gen feature exclusive to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S versions of the game. Unfortunately, yeah, no PC. With a 30-minute gameplay reveal dropping overnight we get to see it in action and glimpse its behind-the-scenes creation.

Check it out.

“The machine learning component has been in development for three years,” Sam Rivera, Line Producer on FIFA 22 told us. “Looking back at when we began investing in developing the algorithm that learns and writes animation in real time, it was a big investment in technology. Just from the sheer amount of data we’re dealing with and of course there was the training of the neural networks. But, it's finally here and, yeah, it's really cool.”

Understanding exactly how it works might require some advanced knowledge in the ways of AI, but the summary does a pretty good job of capturing just how impressive it is. Basically, EA has captured player data from a full 11-v-11 game of soccer, the moves, the passes, the tackles, the shots, and from this trained AI (machine learning) to be able to create animation in real-time. Over 8.7 million frames were poured through.

Be sure to watch the video and read our full interview for more.

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