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With changes made to Diablo II: Resurrection based on feedback from the recent Technical Alpha Test. As per our hands-on preview and interview with the team at Blizzard, Diablo II's remaster is as impressive as it is faithful to the original. Now, even more so.

One of the big pieces of feedback from the Alpha was related to the colouring of monsters -- as in they didn't go bright blue when frozen like they did back in the day. or red when splashed with some red magic. Well, that's changed and is now more in line with the original Diablo II.

Very cool. This arrives alongside several art changes, from subtle things like the look of gems and potions to the way spells look -- like Blizzard. Here's Blizzard's new remastered take on the Sorceress's, err, Blizzard spell.

Not stopping there, the team has also added a few more Quality of Life additions. Like the ability for item names be toggled on or off with a press of a button. Or, keep the 'hold the button down' style of the original. The same goes for 'Compare', which is used to compare items.

The map has also been updated for readability and a number of accessibility options covering fonts, contrast, UI scaling, and more are coming. On the more practical side, well "loot side", the new Shared Stash tab is being tripled - to three tabs rather than just the one.

There's also a Clock being added so you can see just how many hours you've spent playing. Which is cool, but also uncool. This also can be toggled on or off, and on that front we say let the shock of hours slipping away remain as such.

And finally, there's the matter of betas - with the Early Access Beta for those that pre-order set to go live on PC in August. This will offer up five playable classes - Amazon, Barbarian, Paladin, Sorceress, and Druid - in addition to 8-player co-op support. After the early access run all players on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation will be able to jump into the Open Beta. Exact dates haven't been provided as of yet, but stay tuned.

For the full break down of changes -- head here.

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