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When it was announced that Red Dead Redemption 2, and Red Dead Online, was set to get NVIDIA DLSS support the question was... when? Well, the answer is next week on July 13 alongside the arrival of the Red Dead Online: Blood Money update. Which is all about high-stakes robbery played solo or as a part of a Posse.

And in keeping with the tone of Red Dead, it looks impressive

Starting off in the city of Saint Denis a new mission type called Crimes will be introduced, which then lead into Opportunities. According to Rockstar,
Crimes will range from cloak-and-dagger coach holdups to multi-stage robberies — including kidnapping, brutal debt collections, and more.

Embark on Crimes either as a lone gun or with a full Posse of cutthroats alongside you. During each outing, keep a keen wit and search high and low for signs of Capitale to return to Guido Martelli — including from hidden chests or on the remains of those who’ve crossed your path. As you traverse the plains in Free Roam, you may hear of unlocked Homesteads and vulnerable Camps, ripe for the picking and begging to be relieved of a Capitale stash.

Accumulating enough Capitale for Guido Martelli will reveal Opportunities. These are dispatched by Martelli in a scheme to stifle a rising Lemoyne senator who is disrupting Bronte operations throughout the region. Each Opportunity can reveal various approaches to the task at hand — listen into nearby conversations or look out for important targets to uncover new paths to completion and weaken this politician’s position by bringing each of the three Jewels of the West to Martelli.

And now with added DLSS support those with a NVIDIA GeForce RTX card will benefit from improved performance without sacrificing visual quality. With Red Dead Redemption 2 being one of the most visually impressive games out there, this is great news for those looking to play at 60-fps with those detail settings cranked -- even on an GeForce RTX 2060.

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