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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 01:06am 23/06/21 | 2 Comments
A wonderful experience from start to finish, and one that is given an extra layer of beauty thanks to its use of GeForce RTX-powered real-time ray-tracing and cutting-edge DLSS rendering. Light Brick Studio’s LEGO Builder’s Journey is a wonderful little puzzler.

Many of us have a connection to Lego and the creativity it fosters. Specifically, as that imaginative gateway that led to the creation of many a makeshift spaceship, weird looking abode, or multi-colour robot. When Builder’s Journey taps into that creative spirit it borders on brilliant.

It’s not only the visuals that form the aesthetic and feel, the sound is also on-point. The moment you click that first brick into place, it sells the Lego-as-a-puzzle-game concept and setting in an instant. As does the sound of falling bricks and the slight tonal shifts that come from a larger four-piece block clicking into place. Coupled with the ambient score, one that manages to hit the emotional notes of the story without overpowering any other element, LEGO Builder’s Journey is top to bottom joy.

Presentation-wise it feels like a movie-length stage-play, where there’s a story to be found, charming characters, and various locations that come alive through, well, play. Each level or stage arrives in the form of a Lego diorama, where progression is as simple as creating a bridge, fixing a strange machine, or slowly putting together a flying home.

Our Full LEGO Builder’s Journey Review

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Posted 08:23am 23/6/21
This looks pretty, but why is this not a Minecraft-type collab/coop building game?!
Posted 11:01am 23/6/21
Because people create penises, and they don't want to be the penis brick people.

AFAIK that's literally why LEGO don't permit free building in online games and abandoned their early attempts.
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