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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:48pm 19/06/21 | 4 Comments
We went through the many, many showcases and presentations that made up this year’s E3 season and put together our list of the games that impressed us the most. Basically, everything we can’t wait to play.

A taste.

Forza Horizon 5

Stephen: What struck most with the Forza Horizon 5 reveal was just in how Xbox let the game do the talking. There was no fanfare, hype or countdown-esque build-up to an official unveiling of what is arguably the most impressive-looking new-gen game on the Series S|X yet. And if Microsoft had gone down that path, in seeing what Playground has crafted here, you wouldn’t have been able to scold them for it. But plonking this right in the thick of everything and just letting it breathe was a genius idea, and made the whole reveal more impactful.

What equally spoke to the strength of the new entry is that it wasn’t flash-in-the-pan, either. There was gameplay substance right from the outset which meant the mind was multitasking in trying to imagine what the game would offer when it’s out in the wild while trying to pick our jaws up off the floor. Horizon 5 was more than just a feast for the eyes, it was a saving grace.

Kosta: This was one of those classic E3 out of nowhere reveals. Based purely on the opening moments of the trailer, which showcased near-photo-real environments set south of the border, there was a distinct Red Dead Redemption 2 vibe. What could it be? From there we got a close-up of some fancy Italian sports car and the ‘what if’ became, ‘oh, this is Forza 7 or 8 or whatever’.

I’m not really a fan of racing sims so the sentiment quickly changed from restrained interest to sheer unbridled joy. And a “mama mia, this here be Forza Horizon 5!” thanks to the, err, Italian sports car still on screen. From the stunning visuals to the vast open-world to the fun multiplayer exploration, racing and activities, Horizon is the most exciting franchise in all of racing. And its next gen debut is looking tasty.

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Latest Comments
Posted 08:29am 21/6/21
I remember when I would have been super excited for a new Battlefield game

I guess it stopped after BF2? Would love to see a remake of BF1942 but with dedicated servers and mods. Feels like there's a missed opportunity there for an indie game studio to re-imagine this franchise.

Pretty interested in AoE4 though.
Posted 07:07am 22/6/21
Seems like lots of people have a lot of nostalgia over 2142, was it much different to Planetside?

I think I was playing brood war at the time or something..
Posted 08:22am 22/6/21
I played a couple games of it way back at launch but never really got into it; I have vague recollections of thinking it was a bit Tribes-esque and the future setting stuff not really resonating with me for some reason. Dropped it super quickly in the end and never got back into it.

I played BF1942 obsessively and BF Vietnam only slightly less so. So much fun was had.
Posted 09:59pm 25/6/21
BF is not the same impression as it used to be. I remember the passion I had for BF3 and BF4, but now it's pure conveyor.
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