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And as you'd expect with a game of such highbrow intent, the devs aren't shy about highlighting that their game is indeed about balls with all the requisite jokes such a concept and elevator pitch should enjoy. And yeah, it's kind of funny.

Here's the rollicking synopsis:
Bang-On Balls: Chronicles is an action-adventure 3D single and multiplayer platformer that has you play as a countryball in a vast open-world filled with treasure hunts, epic boss battles, charming characters, and destructible environments.
The game is available now on Steam in Early Access and is hitting Xbox Game Preview later this year. As part of the Xbox Game Preview reveal, Poland-based developer, Exit Plan, has revealed a bit of its 2021 dev roadmap that has two new "arcade-like mini-challenges" being added to the game before July strikes:
  • Ultimate Bang-On Mega Bricks: Stuck inside a tetroid brick world, you must survive the 99 challenges in order to receive the ultimate reward.
  • Super Car Banger Turbo: A banging tribute to one of the most famous bonus stages in videogame history, mixed with our own flavor of ball-banging mayhem!
This is in addition to "Space Race Quest - an enormous brand new chronicle featuring the 1960’s space race between the USA and the Soviets that is set to release in October this year". So plenty of exciting stuff happening around balls.

Watch the new trailer embedded below.

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