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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:05pm 16/06/21 | 3 Comments
And on my Xbox Series X copy of the game, it comes in at a whopping 70+GB -- the size of three decent games. So hopefully there's more than just an upped challenge with what's on offer in this free update for all. But if you fancy yourself a bit of a Valhalla Eivor expert, this is definitely for you.

In a letter from the Ubisoft King in the as yet unreachable province of Montreal, just west of Vinland, we've been greeted with the following challenges:
Narrative Quest
Amidst a meteorite crashing to earth, a mysterious new settler has appeared in Ravensthorpe. Hildiran is skilled in the art of battle meditation, a secret form of training, and is willing to initiate Eivor. To begin training, meet with Hildiran in your settlement, then set out to find newly erected shrines scattered across England.

Important Note: To access Mastery Challenge you must be at least Power Level 221 and have completed the Uninvited Guests main quest after reporting on Grantebridgescire and Ledecestrescire.

Take a deep breath, relax, and lose yourself in the Challenge. Eivor will meditate at unfamiliar shrines to enter the realm of Hugrheim. Three types of trials are presented: Trial of the Bear tests your combat, Trial of the Wolf your aim, and Trial of the Raven your stealth. The Hugrheim realm provides pre-set gear and abilities, fit for each playstyle and situation. This leaves more time to exercise your skills and earn rewards, but worry not! Your original loadout will revert upon exiting Mastery Challenge.

It wouldn’t be a challenge if you didn’t break a sweat! Each Trial comes with its own objective for Eivor to complete. Accomplish the objective to gain points and receive a medal based on your score. As you progress, these medals will unlock new shrines across the map. Though the medals will physically remain in Hugrheim, they will always be at home in your heart. Keep watch on the different actions that will affect your total points. Not quite happy with your score? All trials are replayable at any given time, so practice as much as you want to fully ace the challenge.

Sometimes completing the task at hand is rewarding enough, but there’s more to win with Mastery Challenge! In addition to Eivor’s hard-earned medals you’ll also receive Energies. Journey back to Ravensthorpe, where Energies can be exchanged for rewards at Hildiran’s Wares. New and unique weapons, tattoos, and decorations have been stocked to add to your growing collection.

Ubisoft Connect
To celebrate the release of Mastery Challenge, a Special Event Challenge will be available through Ubisoft Connect from June 16 to June 22. Complete godly tests to unveil the truth…and finally get the most mysterious weapon in game: Skadi’s Blade! May Odin be with you!
We're not sure what that last directive is, vikingr. Best to ask the recruiter about that one.

Check out some new screens for the free Master Challenge update below.

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Latest Comments
Posted 07:06pm 16/6/21
I just finished this (after 140 hours) and moved it to my slow SSD yesterday!
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:01pm 17/6/21
It's really good (ACV on the whole).

The Mastery Stuff is... good, but frustrating. Getting perfect scores can be really up to some dodgy AI going your way, or not being hung up on the environment due to a slightly misaligned camera angle or wwhatever, but I like the context behind what is basically the dev team sharing playspaces they prob had in development to test systems
Posted 10:44pm 17/6/21
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