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One of the most talked about games in recent years has to be Remedy's Control -- it was our pick for Game of the Year in 2019. And now the real-time RTX-On powered PC version is free to own and keep and experience via the Epic Games Store.

Where it'll remain free for a week, ending June 18. So head here to grab it now.

In the meantime here's a snippet from our full review.

Where to begin? When it comes to Remedy’s Control it’s almost fitting to start at the end and then work your way back. Much in the same way some of us digest reviews. Check out the score, have a glance at the conclusion, and then go back to the beginning to get some context. For Control this isn’t talking about anything specific that comes from its final moments, or the sense of closure imparted from its spectacular and grandiose finale. Where the state-of-mind bending supernatural story and setting reaches its conclusion.

Beginning here one can’t help but revel in the slow and measured crescendo of Control’s story, mechanics, action and characters. The inventive sci-fi concepts, wonderful art direction and genuinely engaging combat. Plus, a generous helping of sci-fi weirdness. All packed into what may initially feel like Remedy’s least ambitious project in years. A thought born from the infrequent but increasingly high-profile nature of the development studio’s releases — going all the way back to the original Max Payne.

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