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It's that time of the year again, where hype takes over the logic and reason sections of our brains as we gear up for another E3 spectacular. What will E3 2021 have in store for us? Will Bethesda give us our first proper look at Starfield? Will Nintendo give us all of the Metroid and F-Zero and Star Fox we crave? Will Ubisoft finally go beyond. Beyond Good & Evil 2 that is. Time will tell… and speaking of time, you probably need to know when all the stuff is going down.

No stress, why we’ve got this handy list for all of the E3 2021 and Summer Game Fest times for the conferences and streams and reveals and surprises in that Australian AEST format you crave.

Thursday, June 10

Battlefield Reveal Event - 12.00am AEST

Friday, June 11

Summer Game Fest Begins - 4:00am AEST

Saturday, June 12

Koch Primetime - 5:00am AEST

Sunday, June 13

Guerrilla Collective 2 - 1:00am AEST
E3 Broadcast Pre-Show - 3:00am AEST
Ubisoft Forward pre-show - 4:00am AEST
Ubisoft Forward - 5:00am AEST
Gearbox Event - 7:00am AEST
Gamesbeat Session - 7:45am AEST

Monday, June 14

E3 Broadcast pre-show - 1:45am AEST
Xbox and Bethesda Showcase - 3:00am AEST
Square Enix Presents - 5:15am AEST
Warner Bros. Games - via E3 2021 Official Livestream - 7:00am AEST
PC Gaming Show - 7:30am AEST

Tuesday, June 15

E3 Broadcast Pre-Show - 1:00am AEST
Intellivision - 2:45am AEST
Take-Two Interactive Panel - 3:15am AEST
Indie Showcase via E3 2021 Official Livestream - 5:00am AEST
Capcom Presentation - 7:30am AEST
Razer E3 keynote - 8:00am AEST

Wednesday, June 16

E3 Broadcast pre-show - 1:00am AEST
Nintendo Direct - 2:00am AEST
Bandai Namco - 7:25am AEST
Official E3 2021 Awards Show - 9:45am AEST

Sony and EA are looking to have their own events in July, which we will be covering separately. This article will update as more info and June event details are made available.

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