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And it all sounds pretty impressive. 100Mbps speed during the peak period of 7pm to 11pm, unlimited data, and the very cool ASUS DSL-AX5400 WiFi 6 Gaming Modem. In addition to this you get a static IP address and a six months access to Game Path - a new Optus lag reduction tool. And all for the introductory price of $89/month.

Including a high-end modem/router ensures a much better in-home WiFi experience -- which is a smart move when most people out there connect most of their devices over WiFi. Featuring WiFi 6 it's also future-proof for modern PC rigs too -- meaning you won't need to go Ethernet to ensure the absolute lowest latency. The ASUS router also allows for device management so you can make sure your console or PC gets a higher priority than say, your TV's Netflix stream.

“We are delighted to be working with a world leading partner in the gaming space with this exclusive device," Clive Dickens VP of TV & Content at Optus said. "This is a key milestone of our Living Network strategy and is the latest initiative to provide gamers with a world-class network experience.”

Of course, hardware is one thing but when paired with the 100Mbps download speed (only 20-up though) during peak hours and the plan begins to come together.

Game Path is the interesting add though, it's a Windows 10 app that accesses "hundreds of POPs (points-of-presence) locally and overseas, and using machine learning, ensure you’re always on the most optimal path to the game server when you’re playing online". It features its own dash and network tools, and is a $10/month add-on after the six month trial. Optus is fairly confident in its success, noting lag reduction figures of 30% and 70% when it comes to jitter.

So, at $89/month is there a catch? Well... one. The cost of the high-end ASUS router is spread out over 36-months so if you do cancel within three years you will pay what's left. Other than that this looks to be a pretty great NBN deal for gamers.

Head Here For More Info.


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