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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 11:20am 26/05/21 | 1 Comments
The portable PC handheld that kind of looks like a Nintendo Switch isn't a new idea -- Alienware's Concept UFO from CES 2020 was basically that. A high-powered gaming laptop handheld-hybrid. According to a new report by ArsTechnica, citing sources close to the project, the "SteamPal" is currently in a prototype phase with a reveal happening later this year.

But, as we're talking about Valve that could change and it might not even get to that stage. The rumours surrounding a Valve handheld have been swirling for sometime, with a recent school appearance by Valve co-founder Gabe Newell pointing to an upcoming reveal when a student asked him about the possibility. "You will get a better idea of that by the end of this year," Gabe responded. Adding, "It won't be the answer you expect."

According to the report the codenamed "SteamPal" is an all-in-one PC running Steam via Linux (with either Intel or AMD hardware inside) and that code for the hardware already exists within the latest version of Steam. The unit features gamepad style controls on either side of the screen, but unlike the Switch they won't be detachable. In terms of PC features word is it will be able to dock with a larger screen via USB-C.

Of course the idea of a portable Steam machine sounds pretty cool, especially when you factor in the huge amount of gamepad-friendly titles already on the platform. But the question of price, hardware, screen, and other factors come into question. No doubt a high-powered portable PC would cost a lot more than a Nintendo Switch.

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Posted 10:26pm 27/5/21
The performance side has gotta be a balance…
Love or loathe the Switch, the 720/1080p resolutions for their titles work well in that form factor.

I don’t know what ‘current’ nVidia Tegra looks like from a performance vs temperature arrangement… then there’s battery….

Then there’s the elephant in the room… steam is still in court for their alleged IP issues with the steam controller…
I liked that, but that was pretty stunned at their sudden and stark dumping and severance of support.
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