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During a special preview event we sat down with Arkane Lyon as they took us through a tour of Blakreef Island and the many loops of Deathloop. And along the way, showcasing just what the studio does best. And why it’s shaping up to be another impressive PlayStation 5 exclusive.

A snippet.
Reliving the same day over and over as an assassin looking to escape “the loop” in a vibrant vintage vinyl-like world, where the brisk and kinetic action creates an atmosphere akin to John Wick by the way of Quentin Tarantino.

One look at the PlayStation 5 exclusive and yeah, ‘style’ could sum up just about every aspect of Arkane’s first next-gen outing. From the art direction that blends 1960s and 70s-inspired fashion and architecture with retro-modern weaponry, to the notion of stepping into the shoes of a cool-as-hell assassin looking to take out a string of targets on a mysterious island.

Revolvers, automatic weapons, blades. The cosmic by the way of sci-fi ‘Shift’ power that teleports protagonist Colt across rooftops. ‘Nexus’ which connects enemy minds with a telepathic string leading to a ‘kill one, kill them all’ scenario. The timeless Force Push goodness of ‘Havoc’. The music, the sound-design. It all looks wonderful.

But, reliving the same day over and over opens the door to a few questions.The most prominent being, well, what is Deathloop?

Head Here to Find Out in Our Full Deathloop Preview

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