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With roughly half a hand and a smidge of ammo, we've been trouncing through rural Europe in a forgotten part of the world that may as well have been home to The Brothers Grimm, for what its worth. And all in an effort to swing you an in-depth review of Resident Evil Village, the direct follow-on from Resident Evil VII, making it also Resident Evil VIII.

And if that confused you, or seemed odd to mention, consider the topic at hand here, will ya?!?! Anywhoo, here's a snippet from our review:
I mean, if you were to try and work out every Resident Evil timeline, experimental thread, underhanded deal, double-cross, good intentions gone wrong fallout, ammo and specialist locksmith shortage, et al, presented throughout the series’ 25 year life, you’d hate dolls too. But with Resi Village, it feels like the reach and stretch of the series’ fantastical steroid boosts where suspension of disbelief is concerned, has gone up maybe one too many notches. It’s not all bad, nor is it a difficult stretch to come to terms with, but Village, at times, feels like it could actually have been its own game. Dead Rising managed to be a different zombie IP under the same roof as Resident Evil, after all, and with keeping that in mind here, know at least that while played out in a pacing-correct Resi crawl, Village is definitely a new kind of beast.

I mentioned Resident Evil 4 earlier, and its influence is massive here. (That game also took us beyond zombies, and look how it turned out, so… .)
Click here for our full Resident Evil Village review.

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