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Built using the impressive GZDoom code-base, the long in the works (and impressive) fan-made Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony is available now as a full standalone experience. Featuring a story-driven campaign, you take on the role of Allied spy Cpt. William "B.J." Blazkowicz during World War II.

Here's a trailer showcasing the game's third and final episode.

It's 1942, and the war approaches its peak. The U.S. has joined the Allied forces, and the Soviets are pushing back the front in the east. The tides of war are turning, and Hitler's victory seems more and more beyond his grasp. But the Nazis, refusing to capitulate, have grown obsessed with human experiments and occult artifacts, in which they see a potential escape from their final Doom. The Allied leaders reject this possibility as nonsense; nonetheless, some still fear what the F├╝hrer might be up to. The situation is nebulous, however, and little is certain.

You are Cpt. William "B.J." Blazkowicz, an Allied spy, a fearless risk-taker, and the greatest soldier to ever take up arms in World War II. Your role has changed, though; you've retired from active duty, and now you spearhead operations as a systems analyst. You thought it would be the right choice--leading and motivating instead of doing the dirty work--but lately you've grown restless. At least until a few days ago, when you received an encrypted message from your old friend and comrade Cpt. Douglas Blake, calling you back to duty...

Again, this is a full standalone game -- which you can download here. And yeah, having played through the early moments, it's damn impressive. The GZDoom look with Wolfenstein is great, and the level of detail is commendable. With NPCs to interact with, an orchestrated score, great sound design, advanced enemy AI, and modern visual touches, it's definitely worth checking out.

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