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Out this year for PC and Nintendo Switch, Boomerang X is another stylish Devolver Digital jam -- where fast-paced first-person action and combat all comes together thanks to your trusty (and mystical) boomerang. From well-timed shots to teleporting through time and space, it's something we thoroughly enjoyed going hands-on with recently. And after doing so we sat down with the smale team behind its creation - Dang!.

A snippet.
As the journey begins you wake-up on a strange island, and from there each maneuver or ability, from jumping to dashing or teleporting to your boomerang, is introduced in a way that feels measured and intuitive. Combat arenas grow in complexity, as do the pattern-based foes you come across, with the overall speed ramping-up considerably alongside the various traversal mechanics and challenges you’ll face. Combat happens in waves, and with everything built around movement, getting hit or taking damage resets progress.

“From the very start of development Boomerang X has been all about crazy fast movement while flying through the air,” Ben Caulkins of Dang! explains. “Your only weapon is your trusty boomerang, but the trick is that after you’ve thrown it you can press a button and zip to it in the air, slingshotting yourself through space. It wasn’t so much about wanting to make a fast arena-shooter with a twist as it was landing on this really novel movement mechanic and deciding to build an action game around it.”

Head Here for 'Inside Boomerang X - Flying Through the Air in Style'

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