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And it's available now -- which means Immortals Fenyx Rising has gotten its trio of planned DLC expansions pretty quick. The Lost Gods might just be the coolest to date though, as it introduces a new hero - Ash - and presents the action in a classic top-down isometric fashion for brawler-style combat.

And it looks great.

The kicker is that Ash is a mortal, so godly powers and other abilities are unlocked by doing favours for the gods. And as per the title there's a fresh batch of deities in the form of Hades, Poseidon, Demeter, Boreas, and Hestia. Each of which has had their own falling out with Zeus.

The Lost Gods is something of a departure that extends beyond the presentation as new abilities like Catastrophe Quake -- which causes an AoE blast and stuns enemies -- have been designed with the new style of play in mind. There's even a bit of action-RPG flavour (read: Diablo baby!) with the introduction of Divine Influences and Essences that can be applied to Ash's abilities and godly powers.
Unlocked with sacrificial offerings found throughout the world, each Divine Influence adds a perk slot that can add elemental buffs to attacks, affect a power’s stamina consumption, and so on. By slotting in Essences found throughout the open world, Ash can do things like raise her chance of critical hits, inflict chain-lightning effects with her attacks, or even add chunks to her stamina and health meters. In addition to opening a new world of combat perks, Divine Influences let enterprising players create different builds, tweaking buffs and gear to create the perfect, devastation-wreaking Ash for their play style.

With the focus on a different style of combat there's less auto-saving and more of a challenge in terms of limited healing and certain sacrifices that need to be made. All in all it sounds interesting and then some, and on that note I'll be diving back into Immortals Fenyx Rising to check out The Lost Gods this weekend.

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