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From the impressive Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and 2 remake from last year and Diablo 2: Resurrection on track for release later this year (check out our hands-on impressions here) Vicarious Visions has been on something of a hot-streak. And with the studio now officially an in-house Blizzard studio, we’ve not got word that it will be spreading its Diablo-loving arms towards the upcoming TBC release that is Diablo IV.

As per this new job listing, we’ve got confirmation that Vicarious Visions is hiring and expanding as development on Diablo IV looks to be ramping up. The specific job is asking for someone to help “writing cutscenes, in-game dialogue, character biographies and lore” in addition to “working with our quest designers on copywriting, editing of dialogue scripts, and keeping consistency with character and tone”. That and facilitating recording sessions with actors -- probably for those that take place in New York, which is where Vicarious Visions is located.

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With the recent Blizzcon reveal bringing with it a new look at the game and a new playable class in the form of the Rogue -- D4 could be on the cards for a 2022 release window. Which is wishful thinking on our part, but the impression we’re getting is that, yeah, progress is moving pretty quick on the next numbered installment in the long-running franchise. If the team at Vicarious is helping populate the world with quests and lore, odds are a lot of the foundation has been sorted.

Still, there’s also Diablo II: Resurrected to look forward too -- a project that Vicarious Visions is leading development on. And based on what we’ve seen and played, the classic action-RPG is getting a remaster treatment befitting of such an iconic release.

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