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Metroid Prime is an all-timer, one of the most revered games for the Nintendo GameCube and something of a reference point even today when comparing similar experiences. Prime 2D -- as it's called - has been a project in development by Team SCU since the mid-2000s and now a playable demo is available for fans to check out.

It's not a 1-1 re-creation of the classic game in 2D but something that translates the experience and takes settings, locations, power-ups, and the feel of the original. Check it out here.

In terms of what's included there's quite a bit, from acquiring the first power-ups to using the scan visor to some truly impressive art and animation. Although the controls are a keyboard and mouse-look hybrid as opposed to controller -- it all looks and feels fairly polished. Which is to be expected for a passion project that has been in the works for 15 years now.

metroid prime2dfan projectdemo

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