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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 11:01am 30/03/21 | 3 Comments
Which really puts the release state of the game into perspective as the Patch Notes for Cyberpunk 2077's latest update has to be one of the biggest lists of changes in recent memory. Most of which relate to fixing issues and glitches and NPC behaviour in quests and things like falling through the map because collision seemingly streams in after assets. It's a massive list.

Head Here to take a scroll and see for yourself.

It's a list of changes so long that trying to post it all here lagged our back-end with the sheer amount of formatting. It's close to 500 changes and on GOG a sizable 33GB in patchy patch-ness.

In terms of what it covers, basically everything: gameplay, quests, open world, cinematics, environments, graphics, audio, animation, UI, performance, and PC and console-specific changes. A lot of the updates naturally focus on game breaking bugs and progress stoppers. Plus, some miscellaneous things like ray-tracing now available on AMD cards.

No doubt this is the sort of major update the game needs, though in terms of the stuff Cyberpunk 2077 needs (that is overhauls and new mechanics and systems) to be able to sit among the greats the list above is pretty bare outside of changes to vehicle handling and police spawning a bit further out than "right behind you".

cyberpunk 2077patchpatch notes1.2

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Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:50pm 30/3/21
Now it's time to wait and see what these fixes break, and then for 1.3.

I've avoided the game since retail release and will probably wait until the first major expansion before jumping in. Hopefully by then it's the OG vision as intended.
Posted 12:11pm 31/3/21
Far out that's a huge list. That's why I decided to wait 6 months after trying it out at release
Posted 07:20am 05/4/21
You are best to lets hope they also fix up items that are stuck to surfaces they are NOT meant to be stuck behind, For me CDPR = Bethsoft!
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