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From Devolver Digital and Acid Nerve (the studio behind the cult hit Titan's Souls), Death's Door is a new action-adventure set to hit PC and Xbox this year. Featuring a dark yet vibrant art style, with fast and fluid action, it presents a stylish take on the age-old isometric perspective.

A snippet.
AusGamers: Titan Souls featured a 2D presentation, with Death's Door what were some of the challenges in moving to an isometric 3D perspective?

Acid Derve: Moving to 3D was definitely one of the biggest challenges for us, as there was a lot to figure out, but definitely worth it for the opportunities and increased potential it provides. Infact, we had already used 3D for some of Titan Souls’ bosses, in order to have smoother movement when rotating and so forth, so being able to bring this to every character was a natural step.

One of the main challenges was figuring out a workflow when it came to animation. In early prototypes, we found the process to be slower than what we were used to, as being able to rapidly prototype and iterate is very important to our development process. Mark, the programmer and combat designer, actually learnt to rig and animate from scratch at the start of this project in order to be able to keep that rapid turnaround we’re used to. Out of necessity he got good at it pretty quickly!

AusGamers: The story, art direction, and look are wonderful – what was some of the inspiration behind Death’s Door?

Acid Derve: It’s honestly hard to say at this point since it’s been brewing in our heads for so long. The Legend of Zelda is a key influence and we don’t think there can ever be too many of this kind of game. We also brought a bit of British humour to the story. Mark, who wrote the script, was probably more inspired by TV than games. Frits, the art director, was inspired by games with a heavy focus on attention to detail that makes the world cohesive and believable, like Final Fantasy IX.

Head Here For Our Chat About Death's Door

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