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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:07pm 25/03/21 | 0 Comments
Even if you didn't know beforehand, but have dabbled in Frogwares games of the past, the studio's next sleuth-based venture, Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, has a distinct look said studio has pretty much made its own at this stage.

Also no stranger to the IP, this Frogwares adventure looks set to take a lot of the learnings made from its last outing, The Sinking City (of which some trouble has bled, and continues to hemorrhage), and apply it in a mature and productive form and fashion. Here's some info on the game from Holmes' own notebook we nicked off him when he wasn't looking:
Welcome to Cordona
The trailer first shows off more sights of the fictional island - now revealed to be named Cordona. Young Sherlock and his companion Jon have just returned to the island where they spent their childhoods. But this time they’re on a mission - looking into the unresolved death of Holmes’ mother. The island and city is a melting pot of nations, characters and architecture. European, Mediterranean, African and Middle Eastern cultures have all taken equal root here and make up the 5 unique city districts Sherlock will explore.

Time To Discombobulate
We also get a first look at how Frogwares have implemented combat into the game. The team have been working hard to make sure the combat in Chapter One feels interesting but also in character with Sherlock himself. So along with a few bullets, Sherlock will be using all manner of tricks from distractions, destructible environments, and of course a good old fashioned discombobulating slap in the face where possible.

Everyone is a Suspect
Finally the video showcases just some of the various investigation mechanics players will have at their disposal as Sherlock. The Mind Palace helps track your clues and create deductions on the possible sequence of events. Multiple disguises will allow you to infiltrate certain circles and extract information from unsuspecting marks. A Profiling mode to pick up on valuable clues from people or objects. And most notably, cases with moral choices that can lead you to accuse the multiple suspects, depending on how you interpret the clues.
We're not going to lie, this is starting to look pretty slick. But we'll still reserve judgement until we get our hands on it, as The Sinking City also looked good in trailer form, falling just short of lofty ambitions and expectations.

Check out the new gameplay trailer embedded below.

sherlock holmesthe sinking cityfrogwarestrailervideogameplay trailer

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