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Including official Mod support coming to the PC version in April alongside a balance pass (see: buffs and nerfs) coming to all Weapons and Overclocks (see: weapon mods). Deep Rock Galactic is without a doubt a co-op gem, taking the concept of mining and Left 4 Dead-style combat in deep space with Dwarfs and running with it.

As per our full review, "With this blend of exploration, mining, and combat no single aspect takes precedent over another – with various Hazard levels to choose from, a mission can be as intense and nerve racking as you want it to be."

In terms of Modding the game will be updated so players can keep track of different Save Game Profiles in addition to Mod categories and a separate menu for Mod Management. With Deep Rock Galactic also available on Xbox, it'll be interesting to see if this feature makes its way to console in the future.

As for the future a massive Update 35 is planned for the second half of the year. It will include a new mission type described as "something horrible, something challenging, and something lucrative". Very cool. New weapons are also coming which will no doubt add new ways to play each of the four classes. And these weapons will arrive alongside new Overclocks for all weapons, new cosmetic options, a revamped UI, and more.

Here's the roadmap.

GAME TRIVIA - Did You Know?

All the playable Dwarves in Deep Rock Galactic are voiced by a single actor - Javier O'Neill. In addition to giving each Dwarf personality, developer Ghost Ship Games also adds some post-processing in the form pitch shift, speed-up, or slow-down to make each character sound different.

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