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Those waiting to get a glimpse at the next-gen Need for Speed will have to wait a little longer as EA studio Criterion is now focusing on Battlefield 6 alongside DICE. The studio has collaborated with DICE in the past, it was responsible for the flying stuff in Star Wars: Battlefront II. Also this news reaffirms that the next Battlefield is a high priority for the publisher this year.

Which is pretty much all we have to go on, Battlefield 6 is on track for release Holiday 2021 -- so we should be getting our first look at the setting, modes, and so forth in the coming months. Actually we do know that the next Battlefield will feature more players than ever before -- meaning the standard 64-player cap is getting an increase outside of any planned Battle Royale style mode.

As per a recent financial call the next Battlefield will "mark a return to all out military warfare" and feature "maps with unprecedented scale". So yeah, definite hype around what all that means. As for Criterion, the studio will apparently go back to working on Need For Speed once their time in the Battlefield 6 trenches is done -- and that even though EA's acquisition of Codemasters is a done deal, that studio will continue working on its own racing franchises and not shift some of its focus to Need For Speed.


GAME TRIVIA - Did You Know?

The Battlefield series began during the height of first-person shooters focusing on World War II as the setting with the seminal PC release Battlefield 1942. As a PC release that supported mods though, one of the most popular was called 'Desert Combat'. It shifted the conflict to the modern day, and in the process became so popular that the modern setting of Battlefiel II felt to many like a sequel to 'Desert Combat'.

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