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As reported by The Verge, sources close to Xbox have told the publication that Microsoft has begun testing its cloud-based Game Streaming technology in web browser form. Currently available on Andoid powered devices (in Australia it's currently in Beta) the expansion to web browser will allow Microsoft to bring xCloud to Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad.

Also, it opens the door to Windows 10 powered devices, including PCs and laptops everywhere -- which would be pretty awesome to see. As per the report testing is currently underway internally and that a public preview will be coming up soon. Unlike the touch-screen of Android phones and tablets the web-browser edition of the service will require an Xbox controller and perform in much the same way as streaming does via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

On the PC side specifically, Microsoft will no doubt include this functionality as a part of the Xbox app that currently launches all downloaded and installed Game Pass titles. No doubt this year will be a big one for the service, where not only it will leave Beta and officially debut here in Australia -- but open the door to countless new devices.

GAME TRIVIA - Did You Know?

The Sega Mega Drive was considered the more mature console when it went up against the Super Nintendo. Sega actively marketed the Mega Drive/Genesis as something for teens, so much so that its look was based on audio products of the time like portable stereos and walkmans.

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