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Starship Troopers is an all-timer in terms of action, satire, and cinematic excess -- which means its been a property ripe for a videogame adaptation since it first hit the scene back in 1997. Starship Troopers: Terran Command is a single-player RTS set in the classic movie universe.

And puts you in command of the Mobile Infantry, so you can do your part in the war against the Arachnids. As per the description the game begins with the attack on Klendathu, as seen in the movie, with the action then taking place on the desert planet of Kwalasha and other "amazing and varied locations".

Would you like to know more?

Starship Troopers mood

Expect a genuine Starship Troopers feel: violence & gore are commonplace as entire platoons of fresh recruits are sent into the meat grinder, as part of their patriotic duty to the Federation. Dismemberment, splats of bodily fluids and flying fragments, horrified screams, and flailing, crawling bodies will be the norm. The scenes of devastation standing jarring contrast to the boisterous and gung-ho attitude of the soldiers at your command, eager to prove their commitment to fighting for the Federation and earning their citizenship.

Units & Abilities

An expansive range of unique units, weapons, and special abilities are at the disposal of Mobile Infantry commanders. Infantry squads armed with Morita Assault Rifles and MX-90 Fragmentation Grenades form the mainstay of your forces. Rocket Troopers deliver deadly payloads with pinpoint accuracy while Engineers vitally shore up defensive positions with MG turrets, barricades, and minefields. As the campaign progresses, technological breakthroughs unlock the true potential of the Federation’s arsenal with E-Pulse rifles, TAC Fighter airstrikes, heavily armed Marauder mechs, and many more developments optimized for spraying Bug ichor across the battlefield.

Real-Time Gameplay

Take command of the Mobile Infantry and hold the line! While the Arachnids can rely on virtually limitless numbers, the Mobile Infantry must develop effective tactics to overcome this imbalance. Deploy your units at strategic locations to cover vital choke points and gain superior firepower through tactical use of elevation levels. The careful positioning of units to maximise their firepower is the key to success, through the creation of intersecting fire zones combined with the clever use of special weapons and abilities.

Alongside a mission stacked single-player campaign Starship Troopers: Terran Command will also offer up skirmish modes. The release date is TBC.

starship troopersterran commandrtscampaign

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