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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:38pm 03/02/21 | 0 Comments
As part of EA's latest annual financial report, and subsequent investor call, we now have some info on the next Battlefield game. Whether or not it will be called Battlefield 6 remains to be seen but the next entry in the long-running series is set to get a reveal in the coming months, with a planned Holiday 2021 release.

Detail wise we'll have to wait and see, but EA is touting that it will take the franchise to the next level and fully support next-gen console and PC hardware. Interestingly EA made a note that the next Battlefield will support more players than ever before -- taking the long-standing 64-player cap into Battle Royale territory. On that front Battlefield V's BR-inspired 'Firestorm' mode kept the 64-player count so it'll be interesting to see how the increase affects the tried and true modes found in the series.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson noted that it will "mark return to all out military warfare", though that description basically described the series as a whole. That said, with "maps with unprecedented scale" we can probably expect support for at least 100-players in a round. So yeah, no word on whether it will focus on a specific time in history, modern warfare, or perhaps the near future. Developed by DICE the release of the next Battlefield puts its release roughly three years after Battlefield V -- and according to EA, even with 2020 being tough on large-scale development, development is ahead of schedule.

Also, we should expect big things as EA is positioning the next Battlefield as its flagship release for the next financial year.

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