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Blizzard's annual BlizzCon event is going digital this year, with BlizzConline being a free-to-watch event tailored for the at-home community. Kicking off Saturday, 20 February at 9am AEDT with a look "at some of the latest game content now in development" this will be followed by deep dive panels and cosplay, movie, talent, and art contests and exhibitions on day two.

“We couldn’t let too much time go by without connecting with our community in the spirit of BlizzCon, and that’s what this show is all about—getting together with friends from around the world and celebrating the bonds and experiences we share through games,” said J. Allen Brack, president of Blizzard Entertainment. “We’re also excited to share some updates on what the teams have been working on—and while this won’t be the usual BlizzCon, the all-online format gives us a unique opportunity to shake things up a bit and create a show specifically for a community at home.”

As for what's in store we can probably expect to see the next major slice of Diablo IV in action -- with the last major showing for that being its debut at BlizzCon 2019. Also on the cards, Overwatch 2, and new stuff for both WoW and WoW Classic. Maybe even a few StarCraft surprises (we can dream). With Blizzard's many properties the community will be able to pick and switch streams to catch up on the latest happenings in the World of Warcraft or the, err, World of Diablo, Overwatch, Hearthstone, and so forth.

In terms of announcements, as per the recent rumours, odds are we'll get word that the planned Diablo II Resurrection remaster is coming soon form the now internal Blizzard studio - Vicarious Visions. Either way it'd be great just to know that it's happening.

Stay tuned though, as we'll be covering (and watching) the event in full.

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