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Remember Battleborn? No? Okay, well back in 2016 there were two games featuring colourful heroes and shooting that many saw as similar. The dawn of the Hero Shooter. One was Blizzard's Overwatch, the other Gearbox's Battleborn. As per the history book of life we all know how that head to head went, but over the weekend Gearbox shut down Battleborn severs for good.

Meaning that even the single-player or peer-to-peer side is no longer playable in any way. Not that many were still playing, over the past year the peak player count has been hovering at around 30-players on any given day (as per SteamCharts) -- still, with its morning cartoon vibe and character-driven cinematic story in the guise of FPS-MOBA hybrid, Battleborn was a very different game than anything else at the time.

On that front, as per our review from 2016, Battleborn was fun and different, yet ultimately flawed.

If you own a physical copy of the game then it's basically a coaster now. This is always the concern when it comes to always online titles, games that require a constant connection to a server -- it puts a question mark on the shelf life. And in the case of Battleborn it was roughly 4.5 years.

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