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Ubisoft's Immortals Fenyx Rising was something of a sleeper hit, blending a dash of Zelda with a dash of Assassin's Creed and all within a vibrant and funny look at Greek myth. Today comes the first slice of post-launch DLC content in the form of an expansion that takes the protagonist - Fenyx - all the way to the home of the Gods, Olympus.

Check it out.

Immortals Fenyx Rising: A New God tasks Fenyx with overcoming the Trials of the Olympians to take their rightful place in the inner circle of the Greek pantheon. A New God will allow players to explore Olympos Palace and interact with new gameplay mechanics as they traverse challenging trials built by the gods. Along the way, players will unlock a fresh gear set with fantastic perks fit for a god, such as letting you perform additional jumps.

Players can access four new ability upgrades for Fenyx:
    Immortal Field Breaker, Athena’s Dash upgrade: Players can pass through the Immortal Fields and deal more damage while dashing.
    Colossal Strength, Herakles’ Strength upgrade: Players can manipulate colossal objects and deal more damage when throwing objects.
    Wind Gust, Ares’s Wrath upgrade: Charging Fenyx’s uppercut creates an air stream for a few seconds, so players rise higher while delivering the blow.
    Phosphoros’ Swap: Players can swap positions with a decoy for one chunk of stamina.

A New God is available as part of the Season Pass -- which will see two new DLCs drop, including a brand-new adventure set within Chinese myth. Also, as per the headline a Immortals Fenyx Rising free demo is available now on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC. The demo is "set in an archipelago built exclusively for the demo and inspired by Aphrodite’s region of the game" and features a mix of exploration, combat, and puzzle solving.

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