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Spec-wise the MSI Optix MAG274R presents competitive-grade performance at 1080p - 144Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, and FreeSync support. But as we found out in our review, when you pair that with an impressive IPS panel with excellent colour accuracy -- the end result is an affordable display that's hard to beat when it comes to value for money.

A budget display for gaming is a very different thing than say a budget... display. No matter the price point the same considerations come into play when creating a new gaming display -- regardless of price point or overall look and feel. Resolution, refresh-rate, panel quality, colour accuray, and overall features and calibration tools. All stuff that people kind of expect to be there.

The MSI Optix MAG274R falls into the “budget” category thanks to its sub-$460 AUD price-point, but in keeping with MSI’s recent trend of ensuring its displays tick off all the right boxes what you get here is something that can just as easily carry its ‘esports ready’ tagline and mean it.

As a full-HD display with a 144Hz FreeSync Premium refresh-rate, that is also G-Sync compatible (as per our own testing), right off the bat a simple look at the specs does make you wonder if there’s a catch. And sure, there are concessions outside of the 1080p resolution made by MSI to keep the price-point down, but the end result is a display that exceeds expectations thanks to its competitive performance and overall image quality.

Our Full MSI Optix MAG274R Review

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