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Back during the 16-bit era of the Sega Mega Drive and the Super Nintendo, there was the general impression that getting a game like Doom running on either console would be impossible. At least in a version that looked like the real thing. And now after someone managed to make the classic FPS playable on the Sega Genesis console (via the Mega EverDrive cart) -- retro developer Uniq Games looks to have gotten it running pretty good.

As per the video below, yeah, it's id Software's Doom on the Mega Drive.

As to the question of whether or not this would have been possible back in the '90s the answer to that is no, as it's being reported that Doom is using the extra processing power of the EverDrive to actually get it working properly. Still, pretty impressive to see the limited hardware of the Mega Drive play Doom -- and better than pretty much all of the early ports. Which includes the terrible Sega 32X version.

doomsega mega drive16-bitsega genesis

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