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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:48pm 08/01/21 | 9 Comments
Presented by NVIDIA.

NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Super Sampling or DLSS became one of the most talked about bits of tech in 2020, and for good reason. As seen in Cyberpunk 2077 and its stunning futuristic Night City, it’s the sort of thing that will drive the future of games.

Powered by a suite of ray-tracing effects covering reflections, global illumination, shadows, and more, seeing Cyberpunk 2077 in motion is, well, next level. Being able to walk from an apartment building onto a busy Heywood intersection and not only have that be seamless and devoid of a loading screen but feel real is something else. There’s no doubt that what CDPR has pulled off here is nothing short of a technical feat, and in partnering with NVIDIA the results can be seen the moment you fire up the game on the latest GeForce RTX 30 Series graphics card.

The magic though, lies with DLSS -- NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Super Sampling, AI-based rendering that not only improves performance at higher resolutions (with or without ray-tracing), but presents an image as crisp and detailed as its natively rendered counterpart. What makes the DLSS implementation in Cyberpunk 2077 so incredible is not that graphics hardware might struggle to keep up when it's turned off, but that it allows the game to look this good in the first place.

Click Here For Our Deep Dive Into Cyberpunk 2077 and DLSS

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:44pm 08/1/21
I have an RTX 3080 and this game is unplayable without DLSS at 4K at max settings (including RTX), My GTX 1080 struggles at medium settings with RT disabled and no DLSS, this game should have been a next-gen exclusive and probably won't be accessible to the average gamer as intended for another 7 years!
Posted 07:59pm 08/1/21
Originally felt like a knob upgrading my 2080ti to a 3090 but now feel completely justified in doing so. Would have been an underwhelming experience on the 2080ti I reckon.
Posted 08:26pm 08/1/21
Originally felt like a knob upgrading my 2080ti to a 3090 but now feel completely justified in doing so. Would have been an underwhelming experience on the 2080ti I reckon.

Hmm. Do you think the cash was worth it though for this game? Your other review included lots of broken s***.
Posted 09:14pm 08/1/21
I'm 115 hours in and having a blast. I'm confident it will resemble a finished product in a few months. Plus there's also all the other games that make use of the card (HZD was a big improvement with the new hardware in particular).
Posted 09:45pm 08/1/21
Will you go back to it and play it again in a couple months do you think? Does it have enough replayability?
Posted 10:01pm 08/1/21
I reckon it's about a 500+ hour game which puts it in the Deadfire, Witcher 3, GTA V category. If CDPR polish it up and release compelling post launch content it could get into the forever play category like Deus Ex and Fallout:NV, which I still play regularly to this day.

I completed my first Cyberpunk run through recently and as soon as the credits rolled I was clicking New Game and having a vastly different experience to my first run through, so signs are good.
Posted 10:24am 09/1/21
Cool. I am not really at all interested in the type of game it is, but it just looks sooooo purty. After playing GTA 5 I am pretty strongly about having big beautiful open worlds to explore and this looks like the new gold standard (although I also want to play the new Watch Dogs to explore London).
Posted 11:15am 09/1/21
I bought a 3080 in anticipation for this and think it was worth it. I had a pretty smooth experience with only 1 crash in 88hrs, small graphical bugs but nothing game breaking, on max settings with RTX on ultra, DLSS on getting 60-68fps avg at 1440p. I would not have had this experience had I used my old 1080ti. So just from a performance standpoint I think it was worth it. Add RTX on top of that.
Posted 03:44pm 09/1/21
I'll definitely be jumping back in... I fully expect CDPR to actually add more content as they did with The Witcher.
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