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Blizzard's Diablo III has been something of a speedrun staple for a while, seeing how quick groups can get through each Act and take down Malthael. As part of Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 (held online for obvious reasons) we get to see the trio of meatr0o, Heckson, and Whisperra not only beat the three-player time but the four-player one too.

As with any speedrun we get to see the group game the game in the sense of bunny-hopping teleports and splitting up to hand-in and reach locations as quickly as possible. Plus, making full use of breaking pots to get a speed boost.

What's awesome here though is the teamwork and the explanation they give for just about each and every move - from sound cues to abilities and dealing with the random loot drops that are part and parcel of Diablo III. The game also has randomised layouts for dungeons, which is another aspect communication and teamwork comes into play.

On that front they do get some timely Legendary drops that no doubt speed up the action and demon melting, but it's the communication and synergy that is truly impressive.

This is definitely one for all speedrun fans out there, this is next-level teamwork and this run will no doubt become as Legendary as the items the trio equip.

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