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Developer Pearl Abyss unveiled its latest open-world RPG, and its a follow-up to its popular MMO Black Desert Online except this time it's an experience that will "combines elements of narrative driven single-player games with online multiplayer functionality". Meaning it'll probably have MMO-like features but mainly deliver a cinematic story set in an impressive looking fantasy universe.

As per the lengthy five-minute trailer what we see is reminiscent of many things - from Game of Thrones to Dragon Age to Assassin's Creed Valhalla to even something like Final Fantasy. Featuring a more gritty and realistic art-style than Black Desert, Crimson Desert is setting its sights on worldwide 2021 release across PC and next-gen consoles.

Crimson Desert is a revolutionary open world action-adventure that combines elements of narrative driven single-player games with online multiplayer functionality. The game is set on the continent of Pywel, a war-torn world with many different territories, cities, cultures and religions. Pywel is a land full of turmoil, with many areas, factions and regions fighting for control. As players progress through the game, events will unfold that will shape the destinies of all involved.

Crimson Desert’s 4K trailer showcases story, gameplay elements and provides the first vertical slice of what players can expect from Crimson Desert. Unveiled in the trailer, the game’s main protagonist is Macduff, a downtrodden mercenary fighting to reclaim their land. The trailer also includes a snippet of Macduff meeting the primary members of his mercenary group, who will traverse the continent of Pywel together as they work to overcome its many perils. As the trailer progresses, we get a taste of Crimson Desert’s combat, including frantic battles and powerful boss fights.

It all looks pretty impressive, visually that is. Combat is fast, though with the sheer amount of shaky-cam going on here's hoping that can be turned off. Hopefully we get to see an unedited slice of some of the cinematic gameplay soon, because this is now firmly on our radar.

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