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As part of a new developer update Rare has outlined some of its plans for next year, noting that with over 97% of Sea of Thieves players Pirating in Adventure Mode -- that will be the focus going forward. 2020 has been the biggest year to date for Sea of Thieves and starting in January, Seasons are coming to its high seas.

As per the video below, Creative Director Mike Chapman outlines that Seasons will last three months and each will begin with new content and a new way to play. Basically adding structure to what we've seen so far alongside rewards and progression and a new Plunder Pass feature. The progression will focus on the ways people already play and tailor rewards accordingly -- with some exclusive stuff for Pirate Legends too.

As seen in other titles the Seasonal progression will follow a 100 levels of unlocks.

In terms of other new stuff there's also a new Merchant's Alliance voyage all about piecing together clues to find a lost shipment -- very cool. Rare is also hinting at big stuff as part of the new content drops coming in 2021 and on that front my hope is that we finally get that arctic zone to sail through that, well, I've been kind of day-dreaming about for a while now.

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