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Star Wars: Squadrons is damn good, and amazing when played in VR - that much is certainly true. But last month we got word that the return of classic Star Wars dog-fighting and space combat would not be getting any post-launch content in the form of new maps or star-ships. Well, turns out that isn't the case - starting next week with the sizable Update 3.0.

As outlined in the official post, in addition to the usual suite of balance tweaks and tinkering here and there, Star Wars: Squadrons is also getting a new map and two new star-fighters. As written there in the headline, there's one for the New Republic and one for the Galactic Empire. With the arrival of the B-Wing and TIE Defender on November 25.

Designed as the “Blade Wing” prototype by Mon Calamari engineer Quarrie and finely tuned under General Hera Syndulla’s guidance, the A/SF-01 B-wing starfighter makes its way into the New Republic’s fleet in this update.

Naturally, there’s a fitting counterpart for it going to the opposing faction, too. From the mind of the brilliant military tactician Grand Admiral Thrawn and Sienar Fleet Systems, the TIE/d “Defender” multi-role starfighter will join the Imperial Navy as well.

These two starfighters are as powerful as they are iconic, though understandably balanced out for the purposes of the game. The B-wing will be categorized as a Bomber-class starfighter and the TIE defender will be a Fighter, each being able to use the components relevant to their faction and class, but they’ll also come with their own unique aspects in line with what you’d expect from them, such as the B-wing with its gyro-cockpit and swiveling wings and the TIE defender with its shields.

These functions and a couple unique components will help them differentiate themselves from the other starfighters in their classes and factions, but we’ve also made sure they aren’t outright better by default. There’s still going to be good reasons to pick a Y-wing over a B-wing or a TIE fighter over a TIE defender and vice versa.

Also arriving is the new map Fostar Haven, based on the setting found in the prologue mission. The Squadrons team is also hinting at an Update 4.0 coming in December, which will bring the "most requested content to date".

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