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A new console generation means new peripherals and the audio sand-dwellers at Turtle Beach have brought their wireless sound game to the new Xbox Series X with the arrival of the Turtle Beach | Stealth 600 G2 for Xbox Series X. And we've sent Adam 'Griz' Mathew to the planes of Valhalla, the Reagen-led streets of Call of Duty to bring you a verdict.

A snippet.
It's worth noting that I experienced no connectivity issues between these revised cans and my brand spanking new Xbox Series X. Connecting them is a cinch – you simply press the synch on your left ear cup, then smack the sync button on your Xbox and you're ready to go. Another button worth mentioning is a Mode one that switches you between the pre-baked sound profiles that are “Bass Boost", "Bass + Treble Boost", "Vocal Boost" and “Signature Sound”. Think of this as a quick EQ setting function, and we'll talk about the effects of all that in a second.

When it comes to aesthetics and wearability, the looks haven't diverted hugely from the handsome original article and they felt perfectly comfortable after way too many hours playing a slew of launch games. Basic verdict: When I put these on for the first time (backwards I might add – and you probably will do it too, once or twice) they felt tighter than expected. The band clearly 'wore in' though, as that sensation had disappeared after a six hour session with Assassin's Creed Valhalla. Never to return.

Our Full Turtle Beach | Stealth 600 G2 for Xbox Series X Review

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