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Where it will make it console debut exclusively on PlayStation 5. From Arkane and Bethesda (and Team Xbox) Deathloop is a stylish new shooter set on an island that seems to cross all the best things about Hitman, Groundhog Day, and Dishonored. After missing the PS5 launch window, Deathloop now has its release day sights aimed at May 21, 2021.

Our hero Colt is trapped on Blackreef, stuck in a timeloop and forced to relive the same deadly day over and over. Armed with extraordinary abilities and devastating weapons, Colt is going to have to use every tool at his disposal to put an end to the cycle and find his way off the island. To do so, he’ll have to take out eight key targets that are scattered across the island before the day ends and the loop resets. And he’ll have to do all this will avoiding his rival Julianna, whose sole goal is to keep the loop going by any means necessary. If you’re feeling villainous, you can even choose to play as Julianna and invade another player’s campaign. Learn from each cycle; try new paths, gather intel and find new weapons and abilities. Do whatever it takes to break the loop.

Coming to PS5 and PC, Deathloop will also arrive alongside a number of different editions, going all the way up to deluxe - which will offer up some exclusive weapons and skins. Head here for more info.

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More than likely that the MS buyout of Bethesda (hence Arkane) would be done and dusted by May 2021 handing PS5 a timed exclusive game from MS....
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