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With Sony confirming this bit of news over at The Verge, noting that the SSD expansion slot in the PlayStation 5 (located when you take off the lid) will be inactive at launch.

The PS5's 825GB M.2 SSD is currently one of the fastest - if not fastest - storage solutions seen in an enthusiast product so the big question as to what drive to buy and put in remains a mystery.

One that will no doubt become something of a juggling act for PS5 owners until Sony releases the required firmware update. With Spider-Man: Miles Morales sitting at 50GB, Demon’s Souls at 66GB, and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War at 133GB it wont take long for the usable space to fill up.

In terms of spec the potential M.2 SSD would need to maintain at least 5.5GB/sec of bandwidth via a PCIe Gen4 connection - something that companies like Seagate, Western Digital, and Samsung are starting to bring to the PC market. On that note when Sony makes expansion possible it will probably be limited to certain brands and models that have been tested and white-listed.

Until then though players will need to shuffle games to and from an external USB back-up drive when storage capacity becomes an issue. On the other hand Microsoft's solution for the Xbox Series X - as seen in our review - is proprietary, memory-card in nature, and completely user friendly and will be available on day one.

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Posted 11:26pm 08/11/20
Except you cannot transfer PS5 games to the external USB back-up drive either at the moment....
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