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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:48pm 02/11/20 | 1 Comments
Powered by the latest in GeForce RTX hardware we’ve spent many hours in Watch Dogs: Legion’s dystopian London setting, and through the chaos found beauty - reflected.

A snippet from our latest RTX On deep dive.
Pure visual wizardry and set dressing, perhaps ray-tracing is not all that relevant to gameplay or mechanics. Eye-candy with sugar levels off the charts. But, even in the case of Watch Dogs: Legion, when you’re fleeing from an Albion officer, if you position the camera just right you can see their reflection on the side of a building and react long before they come into frame. A subtle thing no doubt, but something that would be just-about impossible to pull off without ray-tracing. In Watch Dogs: Legion you can flex your inner-crim, do something illegal, make a clean getaway, and then find a nice spot in front of a windowed cafe to watch the aftermath play out as a movie, reflected.

Like increasing the draw distances as we went from N64 to PS2 and then to Xbox 360 – simply seeing more, adds to the interactive experience.

Our Full Watch Dogs: Legion Ray-Tracing Deep Dive

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Posted 04:29pm 02/11/20
This looks pretty rad. Can't wait to drive around London & see if I can find my old place (and how many of my old pubs have been faithfully recreated).
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