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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:23pm 22/10/20 | 1 Comments
With Fallout 4 New Vegas being a long-running fan project that's aiming to recreate "Fallout New Vegas in its entirety" within the Fallout 4 Creation Engine. This is one we've been following for a while now (we originally reported on it back in 2018), and although there's no release date or release window this new trailer full of gameplay highlights (focusing on combat) is definitely impressive.

And a definite step-up from the original game's visuals.

Here's the official word on the project.
Fallout 4 New Vegas is an upcoming Fallout 4 expansion mod looking to recreate Fallout New Vegas in its entirety. You will be able to battle your way across the heat-blasted Mojave Wasteland once again all way to the neon drenched New Vegas Strip. Along the way, you'll be reintroduced to a colorful cast of characters, factions, mutated creatures and much more in Fallout 4.

All of this is being painstakingly recreated in the Creation Engine 2.0 which powers Fallout 4 & The Skyrim Special Edition. With this newly added power provided by Bethesda's Game Studios, latest in-house Engine the Mojave Wasteland will feel more alive than ever before. Such as the New Vegas Strip being opened up to allow you the player to experience the New Vegas Strip like never before.

The project features contributions from people all over the world and in recreating the entire game the team is also re-recording all voices and dialogue. To keep this one on your radar be sure to keep tabs on the official site.

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Posted 10:13am 26/10/20
The worst enemy in new vegas isn't the deathclaw it's those Motherf**king Cazadors basically tiny little deathclaws with wings and a super potent poisoned sting to boot.
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